Fun Websites

kids using the Web

Online friends

Connect with kids all over the globe — let your voice be heard!
Kidzworld Chat
Chat it up after school, and blab about whatever is on your mind! Join in on the conversation and have fun!
Chat with kids around the world! C'mon in — the chatroom is always open!

Other fun websites

Marvel Create Your Own Superhero Gallery
Will your superhero be able to take down all the others?
Build Your Wild Self
Go wild! Create your own wild and kooky creature to send to friends, plus learn about different animal parts. This is so fun you won't want to stop!
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Cockroaches! Worms! Barfing and eye gunk! Find out all you need to know about everything yucky, and play mad scientist in the Yucky Labs!
Create your own comic strip! Super fun!
Dinosaurs are so cool! Learn all about the Velociraptor and the great T-Rex right here.
Color with Leo
Hey all you budding artists out there! Draw, paint, and even mix colors — all online!
Dance Mat Typing
Amaze your friends. Learn how to type.
Earth Rangers
Become an Earth Ranger! Very fun site about wildlife and habitat protection.
Hooda Math
Math freaky fun! Be sure to check out the Spline Game!
Chemistry fun?!?! YES! Play games with molecules.

Search Engines for Kids

These sites select kid friendly content.

Ask for Kids
Yahoo! Kids